Welcome to the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada.  We are a group aviation pioneers and enthusiasts, who are trying to gather plans, models, parts, drawings, photography or any artifacts relating to Canada's great aircraft manufacturing industry of the era from 1945 to the mid 1960's with particular interest in locating any memorabilia relating to the A.V. Roe company.

One of our goals is to locate and retrieve at least one of the nine Avro Arrow models that were fired aboard Nike Booster Rockets into Lake Ontario 40 years ago for Vehicle Configuration Aerodynamics testing, as there were no large scale Supersonic wind tunnel facilities in those early days.

The very first Avro Arrow, RL201, rolled off the assembly line on October 4, 1957 and on March 25, 1958, the Arrow's test pilot Jan Żurakowski taxied RL201 to the foot of Malton Airport runway 32, was given takeoff clearance and got that magnificent aircraft airborne for the very first time.

Jan returned to the airfield twenty five minutes later after a completely problem-free flight to the cheers of all of the AVRO employees who had been given time off to witness this wonderful event.

We are also very interested in locating any former Avro or Orenda employees who were a part of these great days in Aviation.

  • Promote past and present achievements of the Canadian aerospace industry and it's pioneers. Visit our Links page to find, web, text, audio and video resources on Canada's rich aerospace history.

  • To never let Canada or Canadians forget that during the 1950´s, we had the ultimate jet interceptor, the CF-105 Avro Arrow and the first North American jet transport, the C-102 Avro Jetliner, both of which were destroyed to avoid the memories of opportunities lost. Visit our Aircraft page to see photos and read about these amazing pieces of aerospace engineering.

  • To give Canada in conjunction with the Canadian Air and Space Museum a first class exhibit of Canadian built aircraft, Canadian aviation memorabilia and aviation archival material from Canada´s great aircraft manufacturing era complimented by a complete aviation library.

  • To ensure that Canada´s aviation history and key contributions will be delivered to our young Canadians to fire their imaginations for their careers in the future developments of Canadian Aerospace.

Join Us in our quest to ensure our future by remembering and celebrating our past.

Joining us will help give us the strength in numbers that we need to meet our objectives.

As a new member of the Aerospace heritage Foundation of Canada, you will receive a handsome embroidered cloth crest of the Avro Arrow see our Membership Page to find out more details.